Time for AirRotec!

Industrial cooling and drying processes contribute to the quality of the end product, so it is important to keep an eye on these processes. But sometimes the end product fails to meet requirements or odour and dust problems occur, which means that an organisation is no longer meeting its environmental requirements. The extraction system may also become dirty or the system may give rise to undesirably high energy costs, in which case it’s time for action!

The solution isn’t always obvious. AirRotec likes to keep an eye on things too. It analyses the problem, provides useful practical advice and helps the customer to optimise the installation. If necessary, AirRotec also trains your staff to further manage and maintain the installation as a whole.


Optimization of drying and cooling processes

AirRotec has years of experience in designing and optimising drying and cooling processes in various industrial production environments.

Design of new applications

AirRotec specialises in designing drying and cooling applications and, with the correct calculations and checks, looks for solutions that are easy to implement.

Reduction of emissions of odour and dust

AirRotec can help you with questions about odour and dust reduction and provides support in meeting (again) the environmental requirements.