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As a specialist in optimising industrial drying and cooling processes, reducing odour and dust/fine dust and designing new applications in these fields, AirRotec is pleased to share its knowledge with interested parties. Below you will find an overview of articles about AirRotec that have been published in various newspapers and trade magazines. On the left, you will also find information that provides insight into air treatment, process optimisation and more related topics and aspects thereof.


BULK | November 2013

The trade magazine about process technology

AirRotec speaks about optimising the air conditioning unit for a production process. This can result in considerable energy savings, an improvement of the quality of the product and a lower impact on the environment. According to AirRotec, savings options can be sought in a targeted manner based on an overall balance between mass and energy.

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BULK | November 2012

The trade magazine about process technology

Increasing raw material and energy prices mean that the efficiency of drying processes is becoming increasingly important. The aim is thereby focused on energy-efficient drying to a final moisture content that lies within narrow limits. One of the tools for this is a moisture regulator that is easy to control. Improved moisture control makes it possible to estimate the maximum permissible moisture content of the product as closely as possible. Jac Rongen of AirRotec explains.

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Stofkatern | May 2011

A publication by Eisma Media Group that is distributed with trade magazines Bulk, Recycling Magazine Benelux and De Molenaar.

An interview with Jac Rongen. He works in a world of odour and dust. That’s this technical boffin’s specialism, anyway. He advises companies on reduction. Reduction of odour, because that’s unpleasant. And reduction of fine dust, because that’s hazardous. Legal standards are coming soon, and his company, AirRotec, is ready and waiting for them.

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