Project | Design new evaporator digestate

INDUSTRY: Biogas industry
CUSTOMER’S QUESTION: How can we use available thermal energy to reduce volume of liquid digestate?

Step 1 | Research and advice

It isn’t always clear how to utilise residual heat from the gas motors in a useful manner. We are seeking a solution that offers high energy efficiency and a minimal quantity of exhaust air. Maintenance and cleaning times should also be minimised.

Step 2 | Implementation of the advice

Research into solutions already available on the market didn’t deliver any results, which is why we developed our own new solution. By combining various heat sources and making use of heat transfer techniques known to the sector, a simple evaporator without mechanical moving parts and minimal energy consumption was designed and implemented.

Step 3 | Final conclusion and results

By installing a modular evaporator, residual heat was used in an efficient manner with a minimal dry air volume. Results:

  • 75% less exhaust air controlled on moisture loading
  • 30-40% higher efficiency
  • Operational 24/7, virtually without maintenance
  • Autonomous automation and suitable for unmanned business operations
  • Suitable for significant thermal output

Due to the lack of an existing solution, AirRotec has designed and produced a new evaporation installation with the help of existing techniques.

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