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How can you improve the quality of the end product? What should you do to continue to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements? And what things help to save energy in a structural manner? Improvements are possible in a number of cases, but altering the production process in a responsible manner requires specific knowledge and insight into the context and consequences of the alteration. AirRotec will advise you with optimising drying and cooling processes and is able to help you with implementing this advice. As the last step in this process, AirRotec often provides a training programme to increase employees’ knowledge of the process.

Optimisation of drying and cooling processes

AirRotec starts with a Quick scan of the drying and/or cooling process, where it measures the main process variables and analyses the findings. AirRotec will then discuss the possibilities and limitations of process optimisation with the client. Objectives and an action plan will be developed in consultation, with the aim of achieving simplicity and functionality.

If odour and dust emissions are being discussed, AirRotec will advise investigating the possibility of linking process optimisation to investments in order to reduce this emission.

What experience does AirRotec have in this field?

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Design of new applications

Sometimes the Quick scan and the discussion with the client reveal that optimising the current installation isn’t an option. Or a new problem has arisen that requires a technical innovation, which in turn requires knowledge and insight into the entire, integrated process and the practical translation thereof. A solution can often be found with the technologies available in the market. If these aren’t available, a new application can be developed. AirRotec specialises in designing drying and cooling applications and, with the correct calculations and checks, looks for solutions that are easy to implement.

What experience does AirRotec have in this field?

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Reduction of odour and dust emissions

Meeting current environmental requirements is a major challenge for industry, and it is expected that these will only become more stringent. If there are complaints from neighbours, it is even more urgent that the correct measures are taken. But how? The solution often lies partly in process optimisation, partly in dispersion and also in air treatment. These things affect each other in such a way that you need to adopt an integrated approach to tackling them. AirRotec can help with the solution. It thereby takes into account the effect on the production process and the environmental requirements set.

What experience does AirRotec have in this field?

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