Project | Odour reduction

INDUSTRY: Pet food
CUSTOMER’S QUESTION: After increasing our production capacity, we are receiving complaints about odours. The local authority is now demanding that measures be taken. What should we do?

Step 1 | Research and advice

Increasing production capacity turned out to be the reason for more stringent measures. To prevent odour-related complaints, production shouldn’t proceed without odour-reduction measures being in place, and it must be possible to switch the production lines on and off independently of each other.

Step 2 | Implementation of the advice

After producing an inventory of the air stream in the factory and making odour monitoring calculations, the conclusion reached was that all process air had to be treated in combination with increasing the height of the chimney.

Step 3 | Final conclusion and results

Combining odour reduction and increasing the height of the chimney will remove the odour. Exhaust air is now treated per production unit. And with an additional central exhaust fan per line, everything is kept under a slight vacuum. Results:

  • Environmental requirements are met and the odour is neutralised
  • The installation has increased odour reduction from 60,000 to 200,000 m3/h
  • The structure of the chimney makes it possible to switch off the production units separately
  • Thanks to its modular structure, a high level of operational safety has been achieved
  • It is possible to maintain the installation without interrupting the production process
  • Dust/fine dust emissions are kept to a minimum

AirRotec has designed the layout, the pipework and specified the fans. For future expansion, space for treatment of 100,000 m3/h was reserved.

Sounds familiar? Or simply another problem in the field of odour and/or dust reduction?

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