Project | Optimisation of the drying process

INDUSTRY: Pet food industry
CUSTOMER’S QUESTION: Is our drying system still satisfactory, or is it time to replace it?

Step 1 | Research and advice

The airflow provided by the customer, combined with the production capacity, prompted further research. AirRotec analysed the problems and discussed altering and modernising the existing system with the customer.

Step 2 | Implementation of the advice

AirRotec made alterations to the existing system in relation to the points below:

  • Airflow was simplified and energy optimised
  • Some of the fans were replaced and air volume controlled
  • Additional temperature sensors were installed
  • Dryer settings were prescribed and automated
  • Visualisation was altered, making the current evaporation capacity visible

Step 3 | Final conclusion and results

By altering the pipework, improving moisture control and reducing the quantity of exhaust air, significant savings were made. Results:

  • 40% less exhaust air
  • 25-35% less energy consumption
  • Higher average moisture with fewer upward peaks
  • Reaching target moisture level faster when starting up

In the last phase of the optimisation process, AirRotec provided a training programme for the operators and staff.

Sounds familiar? Or simply a different problem in the field of drying processes?

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